Surviving the FDA Apocalypse

I’ve been ask numerous times if I have any plans to close due to the FDA’s regulations that took effect August 8th, 2016.  The short answer is – no.  I am doing and will continue to do everything in my power to fight against and to change the regulations as they currently stand.  It is obvious from someone in the industry that the FDA took none of the suggestions to actually make the e-cig and e-juice market a safer place for the end user by ignoring everything that was put forth by industry leaders.  The utter nonsense of some of the regulations shows that the people making the rules are either corrupt or ignorant, or both.  And that is truly scary.


In the long term, I along with 99% of others will not have a choice but to close our doors come August 8th, 2018 unless the regulations are reversed or changed to more sensible alternatives.  You can help by supporting your local CASAA chapters, writing an actual letter to your senators and representatives, and educating friends and family.  You can also help by not being an obnoxious vaper in public.  I can’t help but feel that a lot of the hate that the industry gets is because many of us vapers brought unneeded negative attention to ourselves.  So please be respectful of others and public spaces.

Tested The FDA Regulations and the Future Percentages: