I try to create ejuice flavors for the people who think they don’t like those particular profiles.

Fruit for non-fruit lovers, deserts for vapers who don’t particularly care for dessert ejuice, etc. Even if it’s not in my own flavor profile, I need to be able to vape it all day and enjoy it before it goes on the site. It’s one of my many qualifications for top-quality ejuice.

I got the inspiration for Level Up Vapor by combining 2 of the things I love in life – vaping and games. I even like to think I’m good at one of them. In fact, feel free to add me to your Steam friends list. You can find me under Taboo, with the picture of the Ur-Quan Dreadnought.

What makes your juice special?

The term “premium” is thrown around so liberally today in this industry it’s nearly meaningless. I simply try to source the highest quality ingredients I can find and put that into the final product.  Our nicotine is sourced directly from Carolina Xtraction Technologies because we feel they are the current industry leaders.  If that changes, so will we.  There are never any artificial colors or additional sweeteners added to the end product. No sucralose, no ethyl maltol, nothing.

Does your juice require steeping?

With the exception of Raid Boss and Legendary, no – and even those two are good straight away, they just tend to mature a bit more past 2 weeks. Of the ones mentioned, we will always try to send pre-steeped juices whenever possible.  We will always tell you when your juice was blended, so there’s never any guessing. Steeping times are also listed on the individual juice pages. Please, never take the cap off of our juices to let them “breath”, this is not necessary and will only result in an inferior product.


Every single order is packaged by hand with the utmost care to prevent handling mishaps.   In the rare case something should happen, we’ll be happy to make it right.
Orders are typically processed within 24 hours M-F and Saturday mornings. You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your order is ready to shipped.  We never pre-print shipping labels. If you get a shipping confirmation email that means your package is on the next truck out.  I can tell you from experience the tracking usually shows up in USPS’s system around 4 p.m. CST.  If you receive a tracking # after 4 p.m. CST your package will go out in the a.m. the following day.