Nicotine Salts E-liquid


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Our nicotine salts e-juice is made for lower wattage, higher resistance mouth-to-lung and pod devices such as the Juul, Suorin, Caliburn, Nord and many more. Stop buying expensive pods from Juul when you can just refill the empty ones!  Nicotine salts allow for higher concentrations of nicotine without the harshness that would normally be associated with high nicotine strengths. We absolutely do not advise using these in sub-ohm setups. Please see any of our other juices for your sub-ohm needs. Size: 30ml.  Our nicotine salts do not contain diacetyl.  If you are using Juul pods, we recommend 50mg strength, and 25mg for other devices such as the Nord, Caliburn, Sourin, etc.

Mango – Sweet, ripened mango. Our best seller! Also available in a menthol version



Sticky Bombs – Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. Considerably different than our regular Blue Raspberry, this is a sweet cotton-candy vape with a blue raspberry finish.

NPC – A real, juicy watermelon inhale, transforming into a refreshing white peach on the exhale.  Also available in a menthol version.


Dual-Wield – It’s a perfect harmony of freshly squeezed lemon-limeade and tangy strawberry. Many people compare this to a margarita, minus the tequila!  Also available in a menthol version.


Tropical Punch – A blend of guava, passion-fruit and pineapple will have you dreaming of the beach.


Blueberry – Like fresh blueberries picked off the bush! A magical blend of sweet and tart create this realistic blueberry flavor.


Grape – A blend of red and green grapes. Not too sweet, a mellow vape you won’t grow tired of.


Juicy Pear – A sweet, candy like pear, reminiscent of juicy pear jelly beans.


Apple Cranberry – Apple and cranberry blended to make a refreshing sweet & tart vape.


Blue Raspberry – What’s a blue raspberry? I have no idea, but if it actually existed, this is what it would taste like!  Sweet and tart, with a slight cooling effect (non-menthol).


 Mild Tobacco  – A light, neutral Virginia “cigarette” flavor.  Slightly aromatic, slightly nutty. For those looking to quit analogs or who have recently fallen off the analog wagon. Flavor develops over time. This is not a clone of Juul’s Virginia Tobacco, but rather our own take.


Minty Menthol – Powerful cool mint and menthol.


Custard – Creamy proprietary blend of vanilla custard. If you enjoy the original that comes with the Juul, you’ll like this one.


Coffee cake – I know what you’re thinking. A coffee flavor? Eww. You could not be more wrong! This is the one you want. A rich, slightly sweet coffee with a cake background. More coffee than cake. Hearty enough to curb the cigarette craving. Perfect for mornings or evenings.  3 months from now when you finally break down and decide to try it you’ll be upset you waited so long. Of course, if you don’t like coffee, this won’t make you like coffee.

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